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Chengdu yongtuo pioneer technology co., ltd. is formed by the merger of chengdu yongtuo automobile supplies co., ltd. and wuhou xianfeng automobile supplies business department.

In the early stage, our office was located in hongpai building, wuhou district, which is the earliest enterprise engaged in professional automobile/off-road vehicle/pickup truck/commercial vehicle /SUV/MPV modification and automobile supplies wholesale. In 2016, our company moved to jinhengde auto parts city, shuangliu district, and then moved to minghui auto parts city, shuangliu district.

After years of development, the company has more than 300 square meters of office area, more than 2000 square meters of warehouse, more than 20 employees, professional construction team 6, can provide sichuan/chengdu/wuhou/jinjiang/jinniu/chenghua/qingyang/shuangliu area to provide on-site installation services!

The main business of the company: SUV front and rear guard bars, pedals, foot pedals, side pedals, luggage rack, tail wing, electric pedals, electric tailgate, car MATS, engine under guard plate, roof luggage frame, roof luggage rack and other automotive supplies wholesale and installation.

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